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About Us

Modulink Spaceplan Ltd is a family owned business that  has been manufacturing and servicing open plan work stations and screen panel systems for over 20 years.

The Modulink standard has always been to manufacture well built and designed local product that will provide many years of service.

Modulink has always provided on going parts and service for  earlier products and provides a genuine ongoing product warranty.

Modulink has factories in Auckland and Christchurch, so can provide a nation wide service.

Many of Modulink’s employees have a long service history with the company,this provides a stable production unit with experienced work standards and quality control.

Modulink has its own full time delivery and installation staff to ensure that all products are always installed and serviced to a high standard.

The Modulink management team consists of the founding partners plus  sales management and production staff  who are all very experienced with most having over fifteen years in the industry.

All Modulink products are New Zealand designed and manufactured using mainly locally sourced raw materials.

Modulink supports a company policy of recycling  its waste materials such as card board, plastic, and aluminium through recognized recycling companies.

Modulink developed the innovative green cardboard panel used for the Velcro and Consensus products which provides a pinnable panel that is manufactured with recycled cardboard and FSC timber and is 100% biodegradable.


Modulink manufacture Six styles of screen panels:


 The Velcro connect divider screen: a screen that simply pushs together yet has the stylish look of a complete propriety system  with connecting posts and accessories

The Contour and Quadscape clamp on privacy panels that simply clamp on








The Consensus power ducted workstation system which has a mechanical screen joint for strength and a built in bracketing channel to support work tops, over head shelving and cabinets.

 M 3 workstation pods:

M3 screen panels and desk tops combine to create a modular workstation pod from three  to eight workstations.

Horizontal tiles create various height fabric screen panels with an aluminium accessory rail between each tile for clip in accessories trays, shelving and brackets.

 Full height Partitions:

Factory finished full height panels that assemble on site to create full height walls

with various door and glazing option.