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Consensus workstation screen panels

Designed to create open plan office workstations with built in ducting for power and data services.

Individually capped panels provide exact panel dimensions for accurate layout configurations and flexibility with alterations. 

Consensus panels are pinnable as they are constructed by laminating a cardboard honeycomb core with a timber frame and cladding with 3mm thick cardboard sheets.

This panel is not only pinnable but it is very Green as it is made with recycled cardboard and FSC timber all of which is 100% biodegradable.

  • Mechanical connection for strength and rigidity
  • Integrated bracket channel
  • Two channel aluminium ducting rail
  • Acoustic light weight panel
  • Pinnable Green cardboard upholstered panel
  • Modular sizes for flexibility
  • Multiple layout options
  • Aluminium capping and corner post
  • Standard silver anodised finish to alu-minium
  • Glazed section in aluminium frame
  • Range of accessories
  • Custom design and build options
  • NZ designed and made
  •  Click here for link to Consensus site photos


Consensus options and accessories

Open plan layout -1200mm high

consensus-screen-support-desk.jpgScreen supported desktop

Over head shelving 1500mm high
Glazed option
two channel duct with services outlets
slat wall accessory rail storage

Consensus standard panel sizes

Standard heights 1200mm,1500mm 1800mm

Custom sizes available upon request